8 Thrusters allow omnidirectional movements
Water flushes through the main body
Our goal is to bring the concept of multitasking into the world of robotics. In order to not only focus on one application, Scubo is equipped with five universal module ports. Any kind of sensor, camera or light source can be connected to these.
Scubo is able to move in any direction without any delays. Therefore avoiding obstacles is easier and faster. With omnidirectional movement all scanning motions are realizable even in narrow spaces. This is achieved with eight non-moving propulsion units.
The possibilities in the virtual world are growing rapidly. We are using them to replicate the marine flora as well as to discover and understand hidden aspects of our planet. This feature allows us to observe the changes of coral reefs and therefore contributing to preserving corals from extinction. Cameras and light sources used for this application can be easily mounted on the module ports.
Have you ever dreamed of being at a place that is unreachable for you? Scubo makes it possible: you will experience the underwater world like never before. With the aid of virtual reality glasses you will swim beneath the surface among marine animals.
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