Our team consists of 8 mechanical and 1 electrical engineering students, all in their last year of bachelor studies at ETH, as well as 2 industrial designers.
Within 9 months we developed a hexacopter with 6 individually tiltable axes, that allow flight maneuvers which you could not even think of before.
The hexacopter can hover in any direction in the air by decoupling its position from its orientation completely. This allows the system to perform acrobatic maneuvers which opens up an immense field of new possible applications.
Modul Port
Attach different modules on the interface port to alter the features of the drone. The locomotion with the Tri-Leg modul for instance gives the drone the ability to move on walls and other surfaces. Another example is the camera modul, which might be used in disaster zones to support fast rescuing. 
The three-legged design allows the drone to roll in X and Y. Furthermore every leg is suspended and reacts differently to its specific resistence. Each of the carbon spheres is pivoted on three tiny ball bearings. 
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